Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Solid Food for Babies - Baby Bites Rusks and Nestle Cerelac Gold

Your baby's first solids .. Get these great yummies for your baby aged 6 month above

Baby Bites Rusk @ RM6.60/ box of 24 rusks. 
Buy 10 boxes for only RM63 (RM6.30/box). Save RM3. Can mix flavors.
Available in Original, Chicken, Carrot and Banana (new!)

Nestle Cerelac Gold @ RM8.90/ box
Available in Apple Cranberry (Stage 1) and Oat with Prune (Stage 2)

Nestlé CERELAC is the ideal choice for a mom who is starting to introduce solids to her little one.  It is nutritionally complete, meaning that it already contains milk, so only water has to be added.  CERELAC also compliments the milk feeds perfectly as it has the nutritional value of a fully balanced meal thus ensuring optimal growth and development in this critical stage of life. The newly introduced CERELAC Gold has the added benefit of prebiotics and probiotics, which are known for enhancing the immune system and promoting digestive comfort.