Friday, July 22, 2011

Pre-Orders for Trunki and BenBat has arrived || Ready Stocks

Customers who have pre-ordered Trunki luggages & toybox as well as the BenBat Travel Friends Headrest and Seatbelt Pals .. your order has just arrived.

Please give me 1-2 days for packing, especially for customers who require post. Will send out to the post office next week.

Ready Stocks Available For Immediate Orders

We have the following ready stocks available for ordering :-

BenBat Total Support Headrest - Cat (rm70) Beaver and Puppy Dog (rm80)

BenBat Seat Belt Pals - Bear (rm55), Koala, Cat, Mouse (rm55) and Beaver, Dog (rm45)

For Beaver, Dog and Cat designs - get both the Headrest and matching Seat belt pals to get 5% discount.