Thursday, January 3, 2013

Isomil Plus, Enfalac, Pediasure, Mamil, Karihome

Happy New Year Everyone ^^

Isomil Plus for 1-10 years old @ Rm61.90 each, for min order of 12 tins above.


Enfalac A+ 850gm tin @ Rm89.90 or  Enfalac A+ 1.3kg box @ Rm133.90 each

Pediasure 1.8kg @ Rm135.90

Karihome Growing Up Formula @ Rm86.90

Dumex Mamil Step 3 1.6kg @ Rm90.90

Dumex Mamil Step 4 1.6kg @ Rm84.90

All formula orders are on pre-order basis only. Please email to to order / enquire. TQ