Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No frills Diapers from SAmerica - Winny

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Winny diapers come with fun and cute teddy bears printed on them, doing different activities, which grow according to the stage of your baby. In the back you'll find the diaper stage in which he/she is.

•    Absorbent diaper, cloth-like exterior that gives freshness and stimulating colors for your baby.
•    It´s extra-dry zone keeps your baby dry and protects him/her from skin irritation.
•    It has higher anti-filtration barriers.

 •   Magic Tapes

Sizes: Newborn, S, M, L and XL (size is similar to Huggies)

Packing: 80 pcs in each pack for all sizes (imported and packed in no frills packing)

Price: NB Rm34, S-Rm36, M-Rm38, L-Rm41, XL-Rm45

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