Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy Mode: No Calls Pls, Kindly Email

Hi all,

Sorry, I've been really busy these few days and should continue into next week. Please do not call my mobile during working hours as i wont be able to answer your calls.

For any enquiries, appreciate that you send me an email to I check my emails on a daily basis and will reply you later. If you dont get a reply within 48 hours, please email or sms me again as sometimes i have too many emails/smses that i may miss out yours. Thank you.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gyro Bowl

This is a rotary Kid's bowl, UFO shape, specifically for children. It adds a ring outside of ordinary bowl, make the bowl inside remain upright under the action of gravity. The handle is rolled up and down or side to side, the inner bowl will always keep the balance under the sway, avoiding the food out.

Size: 17*17*7.5cm

Ready stock available. Rm13 only.

To order, email to now.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Malaysia Day Sale Promotion (extended to 29th September 2011)

Our Malaysia Day Promotional Sale is ON !

Ready Stock Orders

Toujours and Mamia Diapers from Europe - Sizes M, L and XL
Normal price is Rm39 per pack.
Malaysia Day sale @ Rm35 only

Winny / Maman diapers - 80 pcs / pack.
Normal price is M Rm38, L, Rm41 and XL Rm45
Malaysia Day sale @ M Rm36.50, L Rm39.50 and XL Rm43 only

BenBat Headrest Support - Cat 1-4yrs old (NP Rm70) Sale Rm59 only
BenBat Seat Belt Pals - Bear (rm55) / Koala, Cat, Mouse (rm55) / Beaver, Dog (rm45) 
SkipHop Zoo Lunchies Bag - Elephant (NP Rm60) Sale Rm50 only
Allerhand Tote Bag - Sunflower range. *Innovative bags from Germany*

NP Rm199, sale Rm129 only + Free Delivery

All products are original. Limited ready stocks.


Baba Luna Baby Carrier (UK brand)
(NP rm265) Sale Rm209 only

HippyChick HipSeat
The Hippychick Hipseat is a back supporting belt, with an integral padded foam shelf, developed to allow adults to carry their children naturally on their hip without the usual strains on the back.
(NP: Rm190) Sale Rm165 only
*available in 4 colours - black / burgundy / blue / olive

ShrinxHips*great expecting mothers gift*
Proven effective, wear Shrinkx Hips each day for 8 weeks following delivery of your baby and achieve a lifelong reduction in the size of your hips. 

(NP: Rm215) Sale Rm179 only

Trunki Luggage for Kids
Year end holidays is coming, get these funky luggage for your kids

 Terrance / Trixie (NP: Rm200) Sale Rm179 only
Harley / Bernard (NP: 230) Sale Rm199 only 
Freddie / Penelope (RM260) Sale Rm229 only
*Free postage for Malaysia & Singapore

Trunki Boostapak *2in1 Bag + Booster Seat*
 (NP: Rm300) Sale Rm269 only 
*Free postage for Malaysia & Singapore

Trunki Toybox
 (NP: Rm125) Sale Rm119 only

PuraKiki Stainless Steel Bottles *Stainless Steel & BPA free*
5oz infant bottle (NP Rm70) Sale Rm65 only
5oz starter set (3 x 5oz bottles) (NP 190) Sale Rm175 only
11oz infant bottle (NP 80) Sale Rm75 only
11oz toddler bottle (NP 80) Sale Rm75 only
Vented Nipples Box of 2 (Slow/Med/Fast Flow) (NP 25) Sale Rm22.50 only
Silicone toddler spout (NP: Rm25) Sale Rm22.50 only
Silicone Sleeves (NP Rm50) Sale Rm48 only

Purakiki Bottles colors - Spring Green / Ocean Blue /  Natural / Pretty Pink
Silicone Sleeves colors - Ocean Blue / Grape / Pretty Pink / Tangerine

Bambino Mio (100% cotton from UK)
Training Pants
for 18-24 mths and 2-3 yrs (White / Pink / Blue)
NP Rm40 Sale Rm38 only

Swim Nappies
Small (5-7kg) Med (7-9 kg) Large (9-12kg) XL (12-15kg)
NP RM69 Sale Rm62 only

Pre-orders T&C  
20% deposit required for serious buyers only
Waiting period 10-15 working days after closing (to arrive us)
Postage excluded, unless stated

To order, please email us at now !

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Enfagrow A+ 1.7kg tin - Honey Flavour

3 tins of Enfagrow A+ 1.7kg tin for sale.
Honey flavour - old formula. Expiry Dec 2012.
Price is Rm265 only for 3 tins.

Email or call 016-866 5931 to purchase.