Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hi everyone,

EasyBebe Store is having a Moving Clearance Sale. Would like to clear all existing stocks that we have at below cost price.

Bosomi Diapers - Size S @ Rm28, M @ Rm30 only, L size @ Rm33 only
(S and M has 80 pcs one pack and L has 75 pcs)

Dryplus Diapers - M56 and L48 @ Rm25. Take 2 packs for Rm40 only.


For the time being, please note that ALL FORMULA MILK POWDER is ON-HOLD as we are trying to clear our other stocks due to a move in location. Again, we try our best to reply to all emails and sms-es but sometimes its so overwhelming we will miss out some. Please try to contact us again. Thanks.

EasyBebe Store 

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