Thursday, September 15, 2011

Malaysia Day Sale Promotion (extended to 29th September 2011)

Our Malaysia Day Promotional Sale is ON !

Ready Stock Orders

Toujours and Mamia Diapers from Europe - Sizes M, L and XL
Normal price is Rm39 per pack.
Malaysia Day sale @ Rm35 only

Winny / Maman diapers - 80 pcs / pack.
Normal price is M Rm38, L, Rm41 and XL Rm45
Malaysia Day sale @ M Rm36.50, L Rm39.50 and XL Rm43 only

BenBat Headrest Support - Cat 1-4yrs old (NP Rm70) Sale Rm59 only
BenBat Seat Belt Pals - Bear (rm55) / Koala, Cat, Mouse (rm55) / Beaver, Dog (rm45) 
SkipHop Zoo Lunchies Bag - Elephant (NP Rm60) Sale Rm50 only
Allerhand Tote Bag - Sunflower range. *Innovative bags from Germany*

NP Rm199, sale Rm129 only + Free Delivery

All products are original. Limited ready stocks.


Baba Luna Baby Carrier (UK brand)
(NP rm265) Sale Rm209 only

HippyChick HipSeat
The Hippychick Hipseat is a back supporting belt, with an integral padded foam shelf, developed to allow adults to carry their children naturally on their hip without the usual strains on the back.
(NP: Rm190) Sale Rm165 only
*available in 4 colours - black / burgundy / blue / olive

ShrinxHips*great expecting mothers gift*
Proven effective, wear Shrinkx Hips each day for 8 weeks following delivery of your baby and achieve a lifelong reduction in the size of your hips. 

(NP: Rm215) Sale Rm179 only

Trunki Luggage for Kids
Year end holidays is coming, get these funky luggage for your kids

 Terrance / Trixie (NP: Rm200) Sale Rm179 only
Harley / Bernard (NP: 230) Sale Rm199 only 
Freddie / Penelope (RM260) Sale Rm229 only
*Free postage for Malaysia & Singapore

Trunki Boostapak *2in1 Bag + Booster Seat*
 (NP: Rm300) Sale Rm269 only 
*Free postage for Malaysia & Singapore

Trunki Toybox
 (NP: Rm125) Sale Rm119 only

PuraKiki Stainless Steel Bottles *Stainless Steel & BPA free*
5oz infant bottle (NP Rm70) Sale Rm65 only
5oz starter set (3 x 5oz bottles) (NP 190) Sale Rm175 only
11oz infant bottle (NP 80) Sale Rm75 only
11oz toddler bottle (NP 80) Sale Rm75 only
Vented Nipples Box of 2 (Slow/Med/Fast Flow) (NP 25) Sale Rm22.50 only
Silicone toddler spout (NP: Rm25) Sale Rm22.50 only
Silicone Sleeves (NP Rm50) Sale Rm48 only

Purakiki Bottles colors - Spring Green / Ocean Blue /  Natural / Pretty Pink
Silicone Sleeves colors - Ocean Blue / Grape / Pretty Pink / Tangerine

Bambino Mio (100% cotton from UK)
Training Pants
for 18-24 mths and 2-3 yrs (White / Pink / Blue)
NP Rm40 Sale Rm38 only

Swim Nappies
Small (5-7kg) Med (7-9 kg) Large (9-12kg) XL (12-15kg)
NP RM69 Sale Rm62 only

Pre-orders T&C  
20% deposit required for serious buyers only
Waiting period 10-15 working days after closing (to arrive us)
Postage excluded, unless stated

To order, please email us at now !