Contact Us

We are a home-based business, based in Kuala Lumpur.

Please feel free to contact EasyBébé by:-

Email :   (prefer customer email first)
Phone / SMS : 016-8665931

Also, if you've noticed .. we also have the  Live Chat function on the bottom left of the browser. If you see me Online and have some questions, feel free to chat online. If i'm offline, just send me an email and i'll try to reply to you asap.

Note: Many customers tend to sms/call me to enquire about pricing that is already available on the website. It is much appreciated if you could check the pricing on the website first.

If i did not answer your email, sms and call, please please please forgive me as i'm a working mom with a hectic schedule and may have missed them out. I would prefer to receive queries through email as its easier for me to track. Thank you :0)