Monday, April 25, 2011

Bulk Order for Anmum, Frisolac, S26 and Nan Pro

Bulk Pre-Orders (Susu borong) Are Open Now For the Following

Anmum Infacare Step 1 and 2 (for 0 mths above). 
1 carton = 12 boxes x 200gm(2.4kg)
Price @ RM148 only
(save RM20-30 off normal price)

Frisolac Gold Step 1 (for 0-12 months). 
1 carton = 12tins x 400gm (4.8kg)
Price @ RM289 only.
(save RM30-50 off normal price)

S26 Gold Step 1 (for 0-12 months). 
1 carton = 15 box x 200gm (3kg)
Price @ RM210 only.
(save RM30+ off normal price)

NAN Pro 3 (for 1 yr above). 
10 boxes @ 700gm/box
Price @ RM338 only.
(save RM50+ off normal price)

Pre Order T&C
For serious buyers only, 50% deposit required upfront to avoid cancellation
Waiting time of 10-15 working days.

To order, please email


  1. skarang ade lg ke utk s26 ni?

  2. Frisolac step 1 ada lagi ka dan harga berapa