Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ben Bat Travel Friends

Designed specially for "on-the-go"time, Travel Friends features a range of accessories for use in the car, stroller and any other way you choose move.  Travel Friends Total Support Headrest every trip is a pleasure, no matter how far you have to go.

  • Unique shape for total support
  • Switch sides for hot or cold weather use.
  • Strap attach to in-car headrests for maximum support.
  • As soft as a real pillow.
  • Gentle neck support.
  • Include soother support strap for easy access.
Available Design:
  • 0-12 months - Chick, Frog and Beat (Price RM55)
  • 1-4 yrs - Cat, Mouse, Lion (RM70) & limited ed - Rabbit, Panda Penguin (Price RM70)
  • 4-8 yrs - Beaver, Dog and Koala (Price RM80)
  • 8 yrs + - Monster and Deevo  (Price RM90)
Pre-Order Promotion (closing 7th July 2011)  
FREE Parcel Delivery for Malaysia (including Sabah/Sarawak) & Singapore
* 25% deposit required upon order.

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