Friday, July 29, 2011

Pre-orders for Trunki, BenBat, SkipHop, Mia Bambino, PuraKiKi to open soon

Hi everyone,

We will be opening our pre-order special promotions again for 2nd batch.

Brands being offered are :-

Trunki - bright pull-along luggages for your kids to travel along
BenBat - cute headrests, seatbelt pals to accompany your little ones on the go ..
SkipHop - great backpacks, lunchbags, etc
PuraKiki - stainless steel bottles that are bpa-free and can keep milk warmer longer
Mia Bambino - cloth diapers that are gentle to your little bubs

and many more ....

If you want to know more or simply order now, just drop us an email at

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