Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hello Hello

Dear EasyBebe Customers,

I'm back from my trip. I sincerely apologize if i've been rather late in replying to your queries by email or sms-es as I've been swamped (meaning super bz :P).

Doing this business alone has been rather taxing and i seek your patience. If i did not reply to your emails or smses the 1st time around, i hope that you will not hesitate to email me again. Also, i hope that you will check my websites for pricing before you sms me to enquire.

I'm constantly trying to find out what other products i can provide to you, my dear customers, at reasonable prices. As i've honestly informed my customers before, i'm not able to provide all of my products at super cheap prices, but most of the time, my prices are rather reasonable and sometimes lower than what you can find in shops.

Thank you to all my customers who have bought from me before. I've been able to continue this store with your continuous support.

EasyBebe Store

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