Friday, March 15, 2013

Similac GainPlus GainKid Pediasure

Similac Advance Eye Q (Step 1 - 0-12 months)
900gm tin @ Rm89.90 ** N/A

 Gain Plus EyeQ 1.8kg @ RM110.50 (Np Rm12x++)

Gain Kid EyeQ 1.8kg @ RM101.90 (Np Rm11x++)

Pediasure Complete (for ages 1 to 10)
900gm @ RM72.90 (NP Rm80+)
1.8kg @ RM139.90 (Vanilla only) (NP Rm157++)

Some discount will be given for purchase of 8 tins and above only.

To order, please email to

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