Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Group Buys - Bulk Purchase / Belian Borong

Dear EasyBebe Customers,

We will now launch Group Buys so that customers as a group who want to take advantage of buying products at cheaper prices.

What are Group Buys?
Group Buys means buying in group or also known as Bulk Purchase.

Each Group Buy will only be successful if there is a minimum amount of buyers reached within the set time frame. Minimum amount of buyers will vary base on the items.

For example, Group Buy for Item A. Normal price is Rm200. Group Buy Price is Rm159 if there is a minimum of 12 units bought. If the minimum cannot be reached, the Group Buy will either extend the date by a week or it will be cancelled.

You will need to place a small deposit equivalent to 20% of the Group Buy price upon order as confirmation of your order. This deposit is a must as we do not want back out buyers that jeopardize the group purchase process.

If the Group Buy is cancelled because there is not enough people, we will refund your deposit in full. We will not entertain any refunds for customers who cancel after the Group Buy is confirmed.

Thank you.

EasyBebe Store

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